The beginning of something new

Post-Natal: More Than You Where Before

More Than You Where Before

We are encouraged to put our post-natal bodies under pressure to be ‘normal’ again

The culture we live in has certain ideas about what is normal and what is good. Just as pregnancy and the birth cannot be hastened but lived and experienced, it is once more time to discover what is good for you, for your body and your baby.

Gentle, intelligent recovery can bring you to a new phase in your relationships with your body and yourself. You can find more of what you need.

Maybe it’s more strength and flexibility; more respect for your body’s fragility and its competence; more knowledge about what it does and can’t do; more fortitude to believe in when times are tough and more celebration for its constancy.

Post-natal is not just about the child, on all levels you are a new being too. Every aspect is effected: the spiritual, the mental, the physical and the emotional. It can be the beginning of something new. You’ve extended yourself beyond your own limits and through a leap in your own development. The umbilical cord that connects you to your child last for eternity. You have become more than you were before, what will you do with your ‘more’?

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