The online encounter massively strengthens the equality in relationship

Stretch/yoga Movement-Onlline-lesson

Online-live with Lillith

In movement, I work a lot with posture, gestures, etc. The fact that I could not demonstrate these and that the other person could not get into the imitation was at first a hurdle for me. 

The precise way I stand changes my whole image. But if someone sits crookedly on the “other end”, then it won’t work. In my face-to-face lessons, I correct my posture all the time, and usually, the other person follows me in it. This is all impossible due to the limitations of the screen. And then I started to create more and more images in which my counterpart could enter independently to create a certain tension or posture in him.

That’s how I started to think differently. What could previously be passed on by imitation in a face-to-face lesson, I have to transfer to the soul space, and there I can
invite the other. This then physically results in what I need to work on. What we otherwise simply do, directly with each other, is thus raised to a higher level, and I believe that this is very timely.

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