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Monthly Intensives

“I understood through Lillith’s lessons that body movement is the key to life, health and happiness.”

Be your own personal therapist and become finely attuned to the early warning signals from the doctor within

  • Re-educate yourself about posture and movement
  • Strengthen and stretch the muscles
  • Increase flexibility
  • Gain pain relief through exercise
  • Learn awareness of the early warning signs

Studio workshops


Monday to Monday7 – 14 October 2024

The Upright Human Posture
“Why am I like this?” and “How could I change?”

Re-educate yourself about posture and movement

You do not have to accept poor posture or the physical and psychological pain that goes with it. With patience, persistence, gentleness, and attention to alignment, corrective exercises will have excellent results.

The issues discussed at the workshop reveal the path that moves the process of self-discovery forward and prepares us for changes.

Stretch Movement Workshop, Amsterdam

Date and location will be announced soon

Saturday December 2024
10:00 – 17:00

The Warmth in the body
The Warmth goes there where you are present. Embody your body from head to toe and you will feel alive and glowing 

€ 120

“The workshops are for me an intellectual journey through my body. With this understanding I can change, accept change and exercise my body in a different way than before. ”

(Yoga-) Stretch Movement Onlline lesson laptop 1

Intensive workshop – interactive online

Stretch Movement Workshops 
 Interactive Online-live

Dates will be announced soon

10:00 – 13:00€ 30

About the feet
The foot remembers that the world is round

About the back
The Back represents the absolute sign of strength

About the head, neck, arms and shoulders
Head above schoulders gives order to the world of movement

Oil your joints through movement

Be careful not to become stiff but free in the way you move, not the other way around

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